Famy Cakes

Famy Cakes is a baker in the Seattle area, who provides cakes and other baked goods for local businesses and personal clients. She uses fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, and has a passion for creating food with as few processed "fake" ingredients as she can. She contacted me, looking for an identity that was classy, bold, and fun, and also tackled the complex challenge of not currently having a traditional brick and mortar bakery to allow her to establish trust with her customers. The solution was inspired by the traditional storefront bakery aesthetic. It provides the Famy Cakes brand a more established, brick and mortar feeling, without the high overhead, and expense of running a traditional bakery. The logo was kept simple, and classy, and a five-colored rotating color scheme was established to give the brand an appealing, fun look. Most importantly, the client and her clients both loved the new identity.